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July 2009



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Jul. 10th, 2009


Official "Army Wives" widget

Jan. 22nd, 2009


Change in Maintainer

Hello everyone, I notice that things are still pretty quiet here and so I was going to delete the community as their doesn't seem to be much interest in fanfiction for the fandom, but instead I'm passing it off to courtaline who will be taking over all maintainer duties and responsibilites so any questions, or comments please direct to her.


Oct. 27th, 2008


(no subject)

I am so excited.  I have like a whole sleepless nights worth of work to do but I just rembered that the awesome new show Raising The Bar (starring Mark Paul Gosslear...anyone remember Saved by the Bell....don't worry, apparently I'm the only one who does) is on tonight which--and this is so sad--kind of just made my day.  I love law shows.  But this one is, in my opinion, the best one out now.

Crim, I love you from introducing me to that show.

And wow, I've been posting all over the place today....but I'm jittery and feeling so sick.  I need a vacation.  But I shouldn't be objecting...Tuesday night I'm off to the casino...playing hooky on wedensday.

I am so glad.  I needed to get out anyways, me thinks.
flowers make everything better

i have no idea

Its amazing the degree to which I've realized I can pretend I've got my life completely together.  I don't know why it is, but when everything is falling apart is when I decide to change everything.  I signed up to take the nursing school entrance exam, which is almost funny because when i first started college that was my major--nursing.  if i do it, i won't stay here, i'll go back to the old school.  My advisor the bitch that she is, and maybe being honest too, has informed me that it doens't matter what I score, according to her that the required mental heath assessment would disqualify me from the program.  wtf?!  community college is such an effing joke.  im really looking forward to not being here anymore.

and why exactly should that disqualify me?  i get damn good grades, i pull my weight and i do the job.  but because i (have) cut that should mean that i dont get into the program?  i think thats a bit fucked.

but whatever, i think that im going to do the pre-req's anyways, just to prove i can do it.  when i started nursing school the first time around, i was in a really bad place (actively cutting and in a bad realationship) and so i was just throwing myself under the bus.  im so bored with people either attacking me for my past, or treating me with kid gloves.  is honesty so hard?

damn it, and now im so busy bitching, I'm late.  story of my life.

Oct. 20th, 2008


(no subject)

oh.  my.  god.

i swear...i hate going to the open computer labs at school but...whatever, i'm kind of stuck without another option until I get my new laptop.

At the one I just went to...I swear.  the guy is such a perv.  I was reading my emails and he steps up behind me to start talking again, and he creeps me out.  he keeps insinuating that i like him and want to go out with him...


i don't know, he's kind of freaking me out so im going to have to find somewhere else to research.

but he kept on with it, and so i flat out lied.  i finally said that i'd like for him to please leave me alone because i have a boyfriend (not anymore), and then so he was like who.  so i flat out went and blurted out about my ex matt...and i still can't get rid of him,

god, he just rubs me the wrong way.  i think im heading home early lol.


Oct. 5th, 2008


blah blah blah

i am so sick...again.  which makes me cranky.

and this is so ridiculous.  i was talking to this girl in my *huge* drama class at school and turns out she's all into army wives too, and she was telling me that yeah, she's from right around where they film, and she was shopping and she ran into drew fuller, and at first i had an omfg moment...and was so jealous until she told me how yeah, right where they film in so and so south carolina...

ummm its filmed in N.C. 

and apparently, she had lunch witch drew, and she went through this whole thing...i can't get over how much she was lying, she should have at least fact checked where they film the show :D

but what the hell am i saying?  like *i'm* ever going to meet him?  who'm i to judge?

ahh whatever...new episode tonight so im psyched.


i need to get satelite too because of some retarded thing, i've lost two out for the *three* channels i watch...which is so ridiculous.

also missed an A on my abnormal psych exam by one point so color me pissed off.  funny though, i was soo worried i flunked.

and i had an intriguing encounter.

my partner in my drama class asked me out, Tori.

she's a girl, so it was a little ackward.  my friedn Ryan has been making fun of me like crazy because of it...but whatever.  my first girl encounter...

but damn...life is boring lately...i kind of miss partying.  but i've got my act together (basically) so i dont think im crazy enough to get back into that, no matter how convinving ryan is.

he's a good friend, but between his drinking and frequent coke use...i dont know that i should be spending so much time with him.  i just got my life back together, so im thinking of...distancing ourselves a bit.

i have so much work that i should be doing...but i can't even motivate myself to start it, and i feel uber *sick*...

Oct. 1st, 2008


i know no one likes a plug, but....

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thanks so much to anyone who goes and votes for this charity!

Sep. 28th, 2008


i need something new to talk about

i got into a political debate with my cousin which is always something that turns ugly, because we have such different views, and it was even worse 'cause i'm disgustingly sick.  and being sick, and then having someone irritate me with some warped logic [for more warped logic see here, and here] but i'm so not getting into this shit with L now because I know that during the class monday night we're going to have it out...but whatever.

i don't like obama,  i don't.  i hate the man.  i think he is the worst possible thing that could friggin happen for this country.  obama cares about the rich and influential, and the number one reason that i will not vote for him is because he want to be commander in cheif of the U.S. Military and he's never served in the armed forces?  i think it is ridiculous.  and i have never been as off put by a person as i was when obama refused to go in and see the injured troops in germany because they would not let him bring his cameras.  thats appaling.

he thinks obabma is going to turn the country around?  he's not going to do a damn thing except sit his ass pretty in that big office.   he doesn't understand making a commitment to the country.  he doesn't understand what its like to be in a country fighting a war.  and at this point, i din't even care anymore that people are calling me a racist for saying i don't like obama..whatever.

i agree with so many points on mccain and nothing rang truer to me than when he said if you aim your gun at something, you better be ready to pull the trigger.

failure in iraq will only encourage al quaeda, and other hostile countries (iran, anyone?) for open season on America, and its a shame that he (my cousin) can't understand that.  as a future member in the armed forces of this country, i am personally most interested in voting for the candidate whose really going to make changes to our country, not just say he will. 

there is a big difference between talking about changes, and making change happen...as anyone who has ever tried to navigate the murky waters of the VA health system can attest to.

but really...thats all i have to say.

Sep. 27th, 2008


home sweet home...sorta

i am so glad i took the chance to come and see my grams.

sick and all, i am so glad i did.

im so ridiculously under the weather, and i didn't relaize just how much i miss being mothered.  my mom basically treats me like an adult, but to my grams i'm still a ten year old girl.

my grams can cook anyone on the planent under the table, and i haven't been able to eat for days because how i feel...she has solved this.  i haven't eaten this well in a long time.

(i'm going to need to diet once this is over)

three words:  garden fresh veggies.

i took a bite out of a home grown tomoato and i suddenly find myself wondering why in the hell do i want to go some 500 miles away for school?

my logic is staggering currently, i want to move in with my grams and be ten for the rest of my life.

conclusion:  if i ever become half the mother that my grams so amazingly is...my kids should bow down and worship me.

peace and love folks.

Sep. 25th, 2008

nothings the same


omg...i didn't know that it was possible but i am literally dying of boredom.  or maybe i just feel that way 'cause i'm stuck on campus for like eight hours today and i feel like im at death's door.  i think i have strep...but thats prolly wishful thinking and its just a virus.

lucky me.

a sick and bored rantCollapse )

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